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Brazil Partners
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Brazil Partners, Inc. is chartered!

We are now a 501(c)3 not-for profit corporation, so all donations to our ministries are tax deductible!  Meet our Board of Directors:

Rev. Larry Dimick, president

Mr. Galen Ash, vice-president

Ms. Jill Bowen, secretary

Mr. Donald Spence, treasurer

Rev. Jan Dimick, at-large

Rev. Steve Cain, at-large

Mr. Robert Woody, at large

Mission Advisors:

Rev. Joseph Wagner, Indiana

Mr. Alex Piloto, REMNE

Hoosiers and Brazilians working together

We are an international partnership of United Methodists in Indiana and members of the Methodist Church in Northeast Brazil, working together to support those who follow Christ in both areas.  Beginning in Lafayette, Indiana in the early 1990's members of Indiana churches have traveled to Brazil to assist in building churches and other facilities and to help train Christian leaders in the Northeast Mission Conference (REMNE).  We have also been able to host Brazilian Methodists doing mission work here in Indiana, informing our churches about the Methodist movement in Brazil and working alongside us in church camps, campus ministries and other local activities.

Our mission is to support the growth of Methodism in both areas.  We work toward this goal through cultural exchange, mutual fundraising, international travel, and prayer partnerships.  

Friendships are the Key Ingredient!
Friendships are the Key Ingredient!

The most important aspect of our partnership is that personal conections are grown between church members in the US and Brazil.  In this photo, Galen pauses while working to construct a church building in Barra de Jangada to enjoy getting to know two youth who attend the church there.

Learning how others live
Learning how others live

One of the benefits of participating in a Brazil Partners work team is the opportunity to understand the lifestyle in another country by living it!  Above, a mission team of Hoosiers and Brazilians are served a meal in the home of members of the church whose building project they are working on together.  Our partners in Brazil always teach us about gracious hospitality.  As an added benefit we learn about the Brazilian lifestyle as we try foods that are uniquely Brazilian and spend time in the homes of our friends there.

Our destination for the Summer 2019 is Porto Seguro, Bahia.  At the request of the Bishop in Northeast Brazil, we will now be traveling to Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia.  Pictured above is the site where construction is continuing for the new Methodist congregation in that city.

There are some great benefits to this destination:  First,  we can travel to Brazil, spend two weeks there in mission and help this new congregation finish their church for $3000 per person.  This includes everything but your personal spending money.  Second, this is a beach resort town.  Pack your beach clothing and be prepared for some fantastic scenery!

The dates for this VIM workteam are July 16-30, 2019.   Applicants should have a valid passport (or have an application for a passport in process). The team leader will be working with members to help in raising funds for travel expense along with funds to be used for the project costs. The team leader will be Galen Ash, one of our most experienced Partners in travel and work in Northeast Brazil.  You can contact him directly at: to apply for this team.

    About us

    Brazil Partners, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

    Donations should be sent to:  Don Spence, 268 Sioux Circle, Noblesville, IN, 46062.


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